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A few days ago, while daydreaming over the idea of spring becoming a reality after such a long cold winter, my friend Sarah asked, "So, what color are you going to be incorporating into your home this season?"  My immediate response was, what the heck are you talking about? What "color"? My next was, well, I guess I see her perspective, she, unlike me, actually strategized this sort of decision. She wants to commit to a color, one color, and go with it as her seasonal pop color this year. The more I thought about it, the more I actually liked the idea.  By putting away a few winter staples and replacing them with a confident color choice, you have the ability to sort of stop winter dead in its tracks and turn a new leaf towards the warmer months ahead. 

So I started thinking....if I was her and actually thought about such a commitment, what would my color be?  No more than ten seconds into the thought, I realized it was pink, hot pink to be exact, not the kind of hot pink that you think of from the past (garish and uber girly) but a new hot pink! The super sophisticated version.

Here a few of my favorite examples of how hot pink is looking much more refined than ever before and new ways to add it into your own home.


Changing up the fabric on a classic accent chair or spray painting the base of a neutral coffee table has huge results in hot pink!


I have been swooning over this Anna Spiro wallpaper for awhile now and I may even venture to say that this wallpaper is what kicked off my adoration for pink!  It's fresh, delicate with bold impact, bright and feminine.

Here interior designer Amanda Nisbet upholstered a bathroom wall with her own hot pink fabric.


Why not change up the front door just for a season? It only takes a few hours and has huge impact.


Loving the pink thrown in to offset the masculine feel of this study.

One of my favorite kitchens ever.  So crisp, classic, open and airy. This ethnic hot pink carpet runner not only looks amazing as a contrast but makes you appreciate the neutrality and timelessness of the white kitchen even more.


This painting by Britt Turner has such a fresh look. It's perfect for an easy spring wall art swap.

Ashley Goldberg has an amazing color sense. Her work definitely says spring to me.


Read them AND decorate with them.

pink books.jpg


My favorite warm and cool  hot pink paint choice.

Repainted hot pink antique dresser.

These pair of vintage metal outdoor chairs spray painted in fluorescent pink spray paint are an amazing pop against the natural wood and green surroundings.

Now...for the husbands approval!!?

xo Lauren

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