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Lauren Grant

   I can’t remember a time when design wasn't part of my life. As a young girl my mom was a collector of all things beautiful. Our home was constantly evolving with the trends and seasons. Having grown up in a historic home and area my love for architecture was inherent.  Over the years I formed a passion for vintage clothing and accessories and was lucky enough to work my first job as a multi-faceted assistant to the owner of a well-known vintage clothing store. Mending garments, assisting on buying trips, merchandising the store and studying period clothing trends all helped me learn the value of quality and craftsmanship at an early age.  Later, deciding on what design area to hone in on for college became tough. I finally settled on textile design due to the field’s broad potential. After completing my BFA in Textile Design I became an assistant designer for Robert Allen Textiles  and later a senior designer for Brahmin handbags.

    My work as a handbag designer led me overseas  time and time again where I found myself inspired by people, culture, architecture and “design”……it was through these experiences that I developed my skill and eye for interiors.  During these inspirational buying trips to Europe and Asia I started collecting pieces for my home which became tangible journal entries for each trip. Each unique piece told a story about my experience and where I had been.

    My goal as an interior designer is to enhance the look of a space while maintaining and exaggerating its original integrity. I believe there is a deep connection with the aesthetic of a space and how it makes you feel. A home should feel warm, cozy and reflect your personal style and your home should make you feel safe. I want to help people create a home that is not only beautiful but is reflective of who they are and what they love. Your home should tell your story.