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The in between phase......

I starting thinking about peoples fear of commitment in regards to interior design the other day after visiting a friend at her new antique home that she just bought. The house is gorgeous and oozes quality. It is about 140 years old with 12 foot ceilings, tons of character, etc, need of a ton of work. 

She's tackling the 2 most important/difficult rooms at once, the bathroom and kitchen. Luckily she new exactly what she wanted for her new bathroom but the kitchen was a different story.

We sat and discussed all of the ideas that she and every other person that had walked through the house had come up with. I could see she was overwhelmed and felt pressured to make a decision on the "final" outcome of the room immediately but had not even actually lived in the space yet! This got me thinking about decisions made under pressure and how most of the time, taking things in stride works out best in the end and is far less stressful emotionally and financially.

Sometimes, "Before" and "Afters" need an "In between" phase to satisfy certain needs. Simply cleaning it up and painting for example can make the space livable and allow you to figure out the best "final" plan for the future. 

Here are my kitchen "Before", "In between" and "Final" (for now) photos. I lived with the "in between" phase for a few years. Quite happily. 

kitchen before.jpg

The "before"

HOUSE 108.jpg

The "in between" phase was a stripped back version of  all the things that had gone wrong in the recent years past. It now at least looked brighter, cleaner and satisfied a temporary living situation.


The "After"

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