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GOING GREEN: Holiday mantels

Leaving out color and keeping things green for the holidays not only offers up a more sophisticated look but is a great way to enjoy your decorations throughout the whole winter season. Incorporating pieces from around your house is a great way to personalize your look as well as save you some money. Here are few of my favorite looks. 

Adding a gorgeous swag of greens under an already decorated mantel is a chic understated example of how holiday decor can look great throughout the new year. This one below feels so effortless.

A super minimal look that even a maximalist would love.  This crisp black, white and gold mantel pairing with a large grouping of simple white candles and a pop of green looks so rich for the holidays.


Nuts and fruits can look amazing as holiday accents. Here, a simple long tray of walnuts looks rustic and festive paired with a messy mixture of greens or try adding green pears, apples and limes, with larger magnolia type leaves for a touch of old world elegance.

credit: veranda magazine

Below are some great ideas of how to fill in your fireplace if your fireplace is a non functioning one or if you live in an apartment where having fires is restricted 

1.  Fill up your favorite container with logs, branches and lights and place inside for a festive cozy glow.

2. Pile up logs to fill the entire space for a more modern ski lodge type look.

3. Place a large animal figurine or statue type piece inside for a more dressed up look.




Paperwhites can offer a beautiful delicate look for the holidays. If you are craving a new type of winter greenery or you are just wanting a more clean fresh feel this year, try these for a change.

credit: nellshillsblog

I hope you are feeling inspired! xo, Lauren

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